Brad Collins’ IXL Dirt Bike School, Scott Friday with TWTEX and Houston Jeep People- Episode 5

ixl dirt bike school 3 ixl dirt bike school 2

Lynn, Donny and their traveling friend Mary Corbley from the Bahamas meet up with Brad Collins for his IXL Dirt Bike School at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in the Texas Hill Country.

Listen to Brad’s interview:

With many years of experience Brad brings lots of skill and a fair amount of attitude to his classes. Whether you are a street or dirt rider this class will help you learn to control your motorcycle in many situations. “We dance with the bike, we make it go where we want it to go…” exclaims Brad as he describes his passion for teaching riders of all levels how to properly control their motorcycle.

If you are in Texas, I strongly recommend you take Brad’s course.

Check out Brad’s IXL Dirt Bike School Schedule HERE.

If you live out of state you can find a MSF Dirt Bike School near you HERE

Scott Friday captivates us with the genesis of the famed Two Wheeled Texans Internet forum, THE place for Longhorns to meet and exchange motorcycling info of every flavor. With almost twenty thousand members and a million and a half posts, there’s little you can’t find there, especially a new pal!


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