Steve Willis Mexico, Central & South America – Cuba Episode #40

Steve Willis travels from Canada, through the United States, Mexico, Central America all the way to the southern most city of South America and back to visit with the Outdoors with Wheels team in Texas. Of course he saw some of the most amazing sights in the world on his journey, but most of importantly he has a unique and insightful message about the people he met along the way.

Listen Here:


electric bike in Vinales

Electric Bike…Wonder if it does your laundry while you ride?

While we have no idea what it is, this bike oozes 50’s retro cool! Please post up if you have some info.


Does this look like your typical 80 year old man? Antonio Braga on the Vespa he rode through South America. In addition to being the second man to ever cross the Darian Gap with his motorcycle, he has made 7 trips through South America – one was on this 150cc Vespa.









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