Jeeps, Jeeps, Jeeps and more Jeeps…and some ATVs, Motorcycles and Side by Sides – Can they co-exist?

We are all off-roaders and are all out looking for the same thing…ADVENTURE!

So, yes indeed we certainly do co-exist. We share the same desire for the outdoors and frequently find ourselves on the same trails.

The Houston Jeep People have meet ups all over Houston. We were fortunate to have dinner with a special group at their monthly Steaks on the Lake at Papas on Lake Conroe. Thank you Mike Payne for organizing this event. Thanks to Isabell and Ron Rich and HJP El Guapo Randy Braughton for taking time to visit with us.

The food was truly good and the company was outstanding.

You can listen to Isabel, Ron and Randy on Outdoors with Wheels Radio as they discuss some of their off-roading fun RIGHT HERE. There will be more HJP on next week’s Outdoors with Wheels Radio Episode.



Part of the discussion is about some off-roading that the group did at Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

Check out Isabel’s video!


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HJP meets again on August 9th for Steaks on the Lake and you can learn more right HERE!

There are HJP meet ups all over town.

There is a meet up this Friday at Italiano’s in Humble.  You can read more HERE.


More Houston Jeep People on next week’s episode of Outdoors with Wheels Radio!




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  1. Hi there,
    Just wondering if there’s any episodes after #5 available? Really enjoy the show & looking fwd to future episodes. Hope y’all are having an awesome trip, stay safe!


    1. Hi Matt, Absolutely there are…coming your way as soon as I get Donny off the bike long enough to post them!

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