Motorcycle or scooter? The Honda X-ADV revealed in Milan

A Honda Africa Twin…at first glance it may fool you. They are calling it a scooter, and the running boards and lack of a full forward seat are certainly scooteresque. With only a hint of a step through and with dynamic features that includes Africa Twin hand guards and similar fairing style found on the hot adventure bike just released in the US last year; we think it leans more toward being a motorcycle. Add a 750 cc twin cylinder engine with a projected 53 horses and still a 79 mpg fuel efficiency rating, this could become a popular commuter bike that will take you off road on the weekends. With smallish (15″ rear, 17″ front) spoked wheels it sports a 32″ seat height, which makes it comfortable for riders of all heights, and the 507 lb weight mass will make it a smooth cruiser on the street, but a little heavier than some may want off road.  What are your thoughts?

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