Road Trip Redux, CanAm, Sturgis, Moab – Episode 9

Ah, despite the August heat, our intrepid trio motors on, through rainy Colorado, to reach the glories that are the backroads of Utah – an off roader’s paradise.  It’s a meandering course, filled with characters that slow them down with lively yarns of thrilling journeys around our magnificent country.


John Miller, Lynn’s co-host of the KPRC’s AutoMojo Radio Show, gives us a rousing account of Sturgis “back in the day” (or at least, the bits he can recall!).   A quaint reminder of our outlaw roots in the not so distant past.


Manna from heaven- no other words to describe the straight dope from Dave Cammand (iDave on on the “best of the best” rides the west has to offer.  If his descriptive accounts  of the region’s cycling opportunities don’t make your throttle hand twitchy, get your pulse checked.

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Spiders have eight legs but Cliff Bales’ CanAM Spyder has three wheels.  Donny and Cliff traded rides and we hear some intriguing insight into the dynamics of these bikes with an extra wheel.  His history with a variety of two and three wheeled machines brings an absorbing perspective to this hot topic.


Not all cyclists have a motor strapped to their frame.  Sam has spent his three week holiday on his mountain bike pedaling through the Rockies and taking in the vistas of Utah.

Click below to hear  the podcast of  Episode 9

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