Jeeps at Rio, Pee Wee Forest Rider-Episode 30

Who can resist a six year old throwing roost on a teeny dirt bike? Not us!  Justin Ellis, Grandpa Randy and Papa Cody caught our eye at the Sam Houston National Forest this week.  We can’t get enough of tales of family fun in the dirt and listening to wee ones talk of their exploits on two wheels.  Hope you feel the same!

Justin Ellis

Head out to the Forest and have some fun yourself.

Next up, we join the Skyline Jeep Club’s Glen Brady and Randy Sanderlin out at the renowned Rio Bravo Motocross track in Houston for a night of four-wheeled fun. Every second Thursday, Rio opens up their track to Jeep lovers to test their mettle in the dirt and share good times.  Glen and Randy share their exploits and insights and make you wonder why you aren’t off-roading RIGHT NOW!   We’ve got everything you need to know to get started today.

This week’s episode is just for YOU!

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  1. Hi Lynn & Donny!
    I just listened to (for the 2nd time) the radio broadcast. Thank you all very much for the coverage. I have forwarded it to the Area Training Manager in Dallas. It’s my hope that it goes “up the ladder” so we get some corporate support. Like I said in the interview if I was a salesman from a local dealer I would be there with a new JK in the hopes of making a sale. I would also have a stack of business cards to hand out!
    I dunno if Danny has had a chance to listen but he would have to be very happy that Rio was represented so well. When Danny bought Rio I promised I would do everything possible to support him. I think I have made good on the promise.
    Thank you again for your time and the most excellent program. On behalf of Rio you know you’re welcome anytime!!
    Seeeeeeeeeeya on the trails!

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